About Us

Hutchins & Haake, LLC is a full service accounting and consulting firm with offices in Kansas City.  We cater to a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals to medium-sized corporations.  We specialize in retirement planning, business consulting, investments, estates and trusts, and personal financial planning.  Of course in addition to our specialty areas, we also provide tax and accounting services, including tax planning and tax return preparation, auditing and bookkeeping.   

In 1886, John S. Pemberton was an accountant for the Coca-Cola Company.  John was a good accountant, but because he was creative and innovative, he added something of great value to his company.  John designed the original Coca-Cola bottle. 

Because John stepped out of his role as a number cruncher and used his imagination, he created an item that has become a classic. 

We want to carry on that same innovative and creative thinking and we will endeavor to find individual and imaginative solutions to solve your business and financial problems.  

We could continue to tout the fact that we are creative, innovative and provide excellent client service…but we would rather prove it.

Our Mission

To create and maintain wealth for our individual and small business clients with creative and innovative planning. 

Dan Hutchins formed his own firm with one principle in mind: to provide the highest level of personalized client service possible.  Simply put, we care about each and every one of our clients.  If you would like to develop a relationship with a firm that will know your name, get to know ours.